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The Importance of Slats

Slats are the stainless steel plates that support the material being machined in an OMAX abrasive waterjet. They are the best, most universal solution for supporting material. The standard slats that come with your OMAX waterjet can easily handle everything from metal plate and glass to stone and plastic, as well as nearly any other material. Read

2019 Holiday Ornaments

Each year OMAX employees are encouraged to show off their creativity by designing holiday ornaments that can be cut on our waterjets. Read

Using Sacrificial Material

If you are accustomed to cutting aluminum or steel of 1/4 inch (or thicker) flat stock, you probably haven’t needed to use a sacrificial material. However, when cutting thin, brittle or tubular material, a sacrificial piece may make all the difference in quality waterjet machining. Read

Tips for Cutting Stone and Ceramic on Your Waterjet

Pierce stone countertops without chipping. Work ceramic with minimum dust. From granite to Dekton, OMAX abrasive waterjets allow for quick, accurate, and safe machining. Fabricating with water and abrasives instead of wasting money on costly specialty saw blades ensures a cutting medium that is never dull and a fully secure process – especially with our tips for cutting stone and ceramic materials. Read

Why Waterjet Is The Best Method For Cutting Stainless Steel

Almost every machine tool claims they are the best at machining stainless steel. For some applications, the tolerances achieved by most machine tools (and subsequent effects imparted by the machining) is fine. However, when a fabricator or prototype creator is looking to produce a high precision part, have it weld ready, or get it done now, there is really only one method – abrasive waterjets. Read

Spend Less on Garnet with OMAX

To understand exactly how garnet cost is reduced, we need to understand garnet flow rates. When running a waterjet, the operator sets the garnet flow rate based on the size of the machine’s nozzle orifice and mixing tube diameter. If there is too much garnet, the mixing tube won’t be able to handle the volume, leading to clogs. Too little garnet will prevent optimizing your separation speeds resulting in inefficient cutting. Read

Make the Most of Your Remnants with IntelliMAX

Did you know that IntelliMax has a “Remnant” capability? That’s right, you can manually track remnants and add parts to existing sheets, allowing you to save money by using as much of your material as possible. Let’s go over how the remnant feature works. Read

Build your website to sell your waterjet services

Creating or updating a website to promote your shop’s waterjet services is a great and inexpensive way to advertise. With a little know-how and some experimentation, you can put together a great looking website that demonstrates your skills with your waterjet. Read

Buying a Waterjet with Free Money

Whether you are starting your business or expanding your shop floor, purchasing new equipment always involves the question of cost. But … what if you could get free money to pay for your equipment? Read

Cutting Glass on a Waterjet Machine

Although most glass should cut well on your waterjet, you will need to make exceptions, as different kinds of glass behave differently. For example, piercing is an easy but challenging part of waterjet glass cutting. In addition, frosting and chipping may occur around cut edges. Read

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