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Take a Vacation From Payments

No Payments Until 2025 with the purchase of a new industrial waterjet. Include OptiMAX, OMAX, MAXIEM, and GlobalMAX lines. Don’t let the summer pass you by. Deal only available until 8/31/2024.    
*Offer valid on approval of credit. This deal is only applicable to deals inside the US.


OMAX waterjet systems are the proven choice to help position you and your cutting operation for success. With decades of waterjet industry experience, a focus on innovation, training, and after-sales service, we have your back every step of the way. 

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From when you take ownership of your OMAX brand waterjet system, OMAX is there to help you out.

OMAX offers free onsite operator training as well as a huge library of operations and maintenance videos.

IntelliMAX software comes with a free quote calculator so you can quickly and accurately quote a waterjet job.

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All OMAX abrasive waterjet systems use direct-drive pumps. Everything from the largest OMAX to the ProtoMAX effectively uses the same pump technology.

OMAX’s direct-drive pumps consume less electricity and use up to 75% less water than intensifier pumps, translating to lowering operating costs.

For those applications where an intensifier pump may have its benefits, OMAX also offers the DynaMAX line of intensifier pumps.

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Continuously improving our cutting model based on the latest advancements in research, OMAX leads the world in waterjet control software.

The current 4th Generation Cutting Model builds upon years of real-world data to deliver precise predictability in cutting speeds, taper and jet lag.

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As part of your OMAX purchase, you have total access to OMAX’s superior customer support.

From software installation to cutting methods, our staff is trained to answer any questions you may have. Since OMAX customer support is on-site at our Kent, WA campus, they are trained on the newest technology and the most advanced machining practices pioneered by our engineers.

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OptiMAX Smart waterjet-specific software Innovative Pump Systems Unparalleled service and support Unparalleled service and support

Introducing OMAX Order

For OMAX machine owners and operators too busy to leave the production floor, OMAX Order is a mobile application that helps quickly identify and place orders for the right parts, consumables, and services. 

  • Allows access to the mobile app within proximity to the OMAX machine.
  • Reduces ordering time and improves order accuracy.
  • Provides exclusive access to order or subscribe to genuine OMAX parts.

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