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The Importance of Water in Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Not all water is the same, and when it is used in a machine tool, those differences can have unforeseen effects. OMAX Filtration Systems Specialist John Frosheiser discusses the potential challenges and solutions regarding water and your OMAX waterjet system. Read

4 Waterjets, 6 Materials, and 9 Parts, All in under 10 minutes

Watch our application specialist Ivan Kondeykin operate all four abrasive waterjet machines in the OMAX Demo Lab simultaneously. From thick metals to thin carbon fiber, taper-free vertical cuts to 5-axis high angle cuts, and advanced rotary axis parts to high precision parts, Ivan does it all. Read

Cutting a Scuba Tank with the Rotary Axis

Thick material, a cylindrical part, and complex cut geometry, this has it all. Join Ivan Kondeykin in the OMAX applications lab and see how the OMAX Rotary Axis and IntelliMAX software makes this project easy. Read

Is Waterjet the Right Solution for You?

With all the different machine tools available today, how do you determine if waterjet is the right solution for you? Mike Ruppenthal and Mark Trimper guide us through some useful questions to help determine that answer. Read

The OMAX Family of Waterjets, Explained

Join Brad Tumbleson and Chad Mooneyham as they talk about the diverse family of OMAX waterjet systems and OMAX as a company. Read

What's in the EnduroMAX Pump?

Curious about the OMAX EnduroMAX pump? Join Greg Smith as he walks us through the standard EnduroMAX pump and even shows how easy it is to rebuild a cylinder. Read

Aligning a Feature in a Part

Sometimes you need use your waterjet to cut a feature precisely within an existing shape. Here's how to use the Low Pressure Locating Beam to do just that. Read

Finding Machinability for an Unknown Material

With an OMAX abrasive waterjet in your shop, sometimes you will come across a new material that has an unknown machinability. Here's how you can determine the proper cutting speed for a new material. Read

The Cutting Floor - Tim Holcomb Provides Application Specialist Tips

Welcome to The Cutting Floor, a new series where we talk to experts in the waterjet world about all things waterjet. In this recap of the series, we'll be looking at all of Tim Holcomb's interviews discussing tips and tricks from an applications specialist. Read

Maximizing Material Utilization

An advantage of OMAX waterjet cutting is the leftover material skeleton from previous projects can be reused. By using the low pressure locating beam you can cut a new part out of an old scrap piece of material that already had parts cut out of it. Read

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