OMAX Tank Enhancements

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Tank Enhancements

Bulk Abrasive Delivery System

Available in multiple sizes, the Bulk Abrasive Delivery System uses pneumatic pressure to automatically transport garnet from an external bulk abrasive hopper to the cutting head hopper. The Bulk Abrasive Delivery System can extend your cutting times from under an hour to over a day.

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Bulk Abrasive Delivery System uses pneumatic pressure to automatically transport garnet from an external hopper


  • Available in 100lbs., 2200 lbs. Systems
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Automatically feeds the 25lb (15lb on MAXIEM) garnet hopper located next to the cutting head
  • Integrates with OMAX IntelliVISOR System Monitoring Package
  • Can be located 20 feet (6 m) from the machine
Large solid removal system for OMAX waterjets

Large Solid Removal System

The PLC-controlled Large Solids Removal System (LSRS) provides precise control over evacuation rate, zone selection, and duration for efficient removal of spent abrasive from a large-bed waterjet catcher tank. The LSRS gives the user operational flexibility by allowing placement of the LSRS up to 100 feet (over 30 meters) away from the JetMachining Center.

Available on these machines:
OMAX 120X, OMAX 160X

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  • Standard Hopper can collect 2,200 lb (1,000 kg) of abrasive in industry standard bag size
  • Skid & Hopper Unit can be located remotely, up to 100 ft (30.5 m) for optimum facility placement
  • 1.5 HP diaphragm pumps provides strong suction power
  • Abrasive removal rates up to 30 lb/min (13.6 kg/min)
  • cUL-US compliant

Variable Speed Solid Removal System

The Variable Speed Solids Removal System (VS-SRS) gives the operator the ability to program flow rate and direction. The controller's programmability provides greater garnet removal than comparable fixed speed units. An optimized fluid return trough increases settling time and minimizes abrasive volume returning to the tank.

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Variable Speed Solid Removal System


  • Garnet removal rate as high as 5.6 lbs/min
  • Productively removes both large and fine particles
  • 3/4-yard hopper that includes liner for ease of removing garnet from hopper
  • Optimized fluid return trough minimizes abrasive volume returning to the tank
  • UL, CE and CSA compliant
Swivel plumbing for OMAX waterjets

Scissor-Style Plumbing

OMAX Scissor-Style Plumbing replaces the standard whip on the MAXIEM line and OMAX 2626. Scissor-Style Plumping increases flow between the pump and cutting head with a larger interior diameter 3/8 in (9.5 mm) diameter rather than the 1/4 (6.3 mm) in interior diameter of the whip.)

Available on these machines:
MAXIEM 1515, MAXIEM 1530, MAXIEM 2030, OMAX 2626

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  • Only requires 10-foot ceiling height
  • Increased water flow at the nozzle
  • The rigid plumping is easier to maintain
  • Swivels allow for compact machine tool operation
  • Required for the A-Jet and Dual Pump configurations

Water Level Control

The OMAX Rapid Water Level Control is an easy-to-use, in tank pneumatic system that enables you to quickly raise and lower the water level of your catcher tank for underwater cutting. System control is conveniently located near the controller side of the waterjet for easy access. 

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Water level control for OMAX waterjets


  • Reduced garnet and water splash
  • Lower noise level to approximately 76 db. when cutting under water
  • Minimizes frosting on finished parts
  • Control placed on controller for easy use
  • Helps maintain constant water level in the tank
Machine Stack Indicator

Machine Status Indicator

Decrease operator observation and increase productivity with the machine status indicator lights for OptiMAX. Utilizing industry wide known-colored lights, operators can safely monitor the abrasive waterjet from a distance while also operating other equipment or completing other tasks while watching 4 active lights on the stack.

Available on these machines:
OptiMAX 60X, OptiMAX 80X

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  • White Light: waterjet is idle and ready to operate with no faults
  • Green = normal operation, indicating a waterjet action is taking place, such as performing a cut, move, or test, and no faults or abnormal conditions are present
  • Amber = an abnormal condition, but the waterjet can continue performing cutting and moving operations
  • Red = a fault condition, and the waterjet will be unable to perform any cutting operations

Under Bridge Lighting

Improve productivity and safety with under bridge lighting for OptiMAX. Direct illumination of the cutting surface allows for the operator to clearly see the nozzle location, with two LED light banks to aid in cut set up, visibility, and project completion.

Available on these machines:
OptiMAX 60X, OptiMAX 80X

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Underbridge Lighting package


  • Upon turning on the waterjet the lights will illuminate under the bridge
  • Increase operator safety with more light to see the work piece
  • More uptime and visibility of cutting path and parts

Accessories may alter the listed cutting envelope off the waterjet table.

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