What industries use waterjet cutters?

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From jewelry making to aerospace, waterjets are involved in the production of many products you may not expect. Due to the versatility of cutting with abrasive and the ease-of-use of OMAX's software, OMAX brand waterjets are in a wide variety of industries. Below are just a few examples of industries where OMAX abrasive waterjets are thriving.


Our easy-to-use abrasive waterjets add to your shop's capabilities to cut or machine a variety of materials at the speed and precision demanded by a range of industries.



Whether for training or research, our waterjets serve as learning tools for high school, trade school, college and university engineering and physics labs.



Abrasive waterjet has major advantages when Cutting carbon fiber. No need to change tooling. No special considerations or restrictions due to heat buildup. No melting. No hazardous fumes requiring costly air handling equipment. Any fiber-reinforced material, including Kevlar reinforced personnel armor, can be quickly and cleanly cut without the drawbacks that come with conventional machining.



From the orange juice you drink at breakfast to the fish filet you had for dinner, abrasive waterjets were likely used to make the machines that process many of your favorite foods.



The versatility of OMAX abrasive waterjets allow for cutting a wide variety of materials and thicknesses without any material distortion. Aluminum, steel, titanium: complete any order without tool changes. Modern waterjet systems are optimized to cut materials between ¼ inch up to 3 inches thick. Given enough time and consideration for taper, waterjets can cut as thick as you want.



Every precision CNC machine shop contains multiple types of equipment. They often utilize mills, lathes, multi-axis machine centers, grinders, EDM machines, and precision hones. The goal of any machine shop is to add value to a product through the manufacturing process. Abrasive waterjet machines have a common place within a machine shop because they add value by eliminating non-value-add time and creating geometrics that are both common and/or not possible with traditional CNC machines. In part three of Complementary Machining, we’ll take a look at how waterjet works in unison with other manufacturing and fabrication methods as well as a waterjet’s return on a capital investment.

OMAX abrasive waterjets are the Swiss Army Knives of the machine tool world. Abrasive waterjet can: cut with a small kerf like a saw, cut external geometry for near net production, cut round parts like a lathe, cut square parts like a mill, cut complex parts like a wire EDM, and cut slots like a broach. This advanced versatility allows waterjet to be a large multi-tasker in your machine shop or to complement your other machine tools by balancing capacities

Free training courses are offered each month at the OMAX headquarters facility in Kent, Washington, located in close proximity to Seattle Tacoma airport. The Operator Training program is designed to lead you step-by-step through the process of making parts—from drawing to cutting. It gives you practical, hands-on experience in how to operate and maintain your equipment following best practices that have been tried and true in the lab and in the field. We provide you the information, practice, and resources to assist you in effectively operating and maintaining your equipment long after the training has ended.

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As part of your OMAX purchase, you have total access to OMAX’s superior customer support. From software installation to cutting methods, our staff is trained to answer any questions you may have. Since OMAX customer support is on-site at our Kent, WA campus, they are trained on the newest technology and the most advanced machining practices pioneered by our engineers.

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