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Made in America: The Story of OMAX Waterjets

One of the critical pillars of OMAX's success lies in its unwavering commitment to vertical integration. By consolidating all manufacturing processes within a single campus, the company ensures seamless coordination between departments, from hardware production to software development to training and support. This holistic approach streamlines operations and results in a superior end product with intuitive design and unparalleled performance. Read

Bridging the Skills Gap

Shop owners and project managers are facing today’s potential skilled labor shortage head on by seeking solutions that allow them to maintain and, in many cases, expand their cutting capacity to meet demand today. In addition, their potential solution must set them up for success in the future. OMAX’s OptiMAX abrasive waterjet achieves both. Read

IntelliMAX-Think Smarter

Integrated software system is best for a soft cutting tool  Read

Titanium and Abrasive Waterjet: The Perfect Match

Nose-to-tail aircraft interiors and exteriors, spacecraft, satellites, and defense systems rely on titanium as the metal of choice to meet high performance expectations. Titanium offers high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand extreme temperature for the high stakes manufacture of existing and new aerospace products. Read

Waterjet Cutting Saves Time and Money for Near Net Shape Production

For decades, parts makers have used near net shape production as an initial step to form parts and components very close to their final shapes. Near net shape has become more important with the increased use of expensive, exotic materials and the demand for leaner, more cost-efficient production. Abrasive waterjet is an ideal tool for the expanding industries that benefit from near net shape production. Read

Enhancing Safety and Comfort with Water Level Control Systems in Water

Waterjet technology has evolved significantly, offering precision-cutting solutions while minimizing noise and pollution. One crucial advancement in this realm is integrating water level control systems, revolutionizing the cutting process. Let's delve into how these systems optimize operations in waterjet cutting machines. Read

Unlocking Efficiency: The OMAX EnduroMAX Pump Revolutionizes Waterjet

In the realm of abrasive waterjet technology, efficiency isn't just a buzzword; it's the driving force behind productivity, cost-effectiveness, and machine uptime. OMAX Corporation, the leading pioneer in advanced waterjet solutions, continues to advance the industry with its innovative designs, most notably exemplified by the EnduroMAX Pump. This exclusive direct drive pump isn't just an upgrade to your manufacturing floor; it's a game-changer that redefines efficiency in day-to-day operations. Read

Next Level Nesting

Nesting, the strategy of cutting as many parts as possible from one piece of material, is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs by maximizing use of a raw material. Read

Is Your Shop Ready for a Boom in Infrastructure Megaprojects?

Bridge construction and retrofits, water infrastructure projects, mass transit improvements, road repair and broadband expansion are all on the menu, and there’s plenty of room at the table for job shops, if they’re ready. Large contractors and enterprise firms taking on the major scope of these megaprojects will be looking for support and outsourcing an untold amount of component and part fabrication, much of which falls directly in the wheelhouse of abrasive waterjet cutting capabilities. Read

Medical Shops Discover Waterjet Machining Versatility and Accuracy

Manufacturers of medical components are increasingly taking advantage of abrasive waterjet machining. It’s a versatile, accurate process that matches many medical partmakers’ needs while offering some capabilities that are unavailable from other machining processes. Read

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