Building a Business with OMAX

Building Your Business with OMAX


For some, purchasing a waterjet is the first capital investment they will make. For others, adding a waterjet to their shop floor is a solution to outsourcing costs and turnaround time issues. The reasons why a customer buys an OMAX waterjet is as varied as the industries they work in. Whatever the reason, OMAX is there. We have a long history of supporting new and growing businesses with a wide range of built-in features and aftermarket service.



When factoring in the reduced setup time and the ease of cutting any material, waterjet tends to create a higher revenue-per-hour than other machine tools. As a near netting tool, waterjet users have reported saving hours while boosting turnaround time. The versatility of the waterjet means never having to say “no” to work walking in the door. 

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25% of OMAX waterjet owners buy a second machine

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8,000 Unique waterjet configurations to meet your specific need

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15% of OMAX waterjet sales are to startup companies

OMAX's Summer Stimulus - No Payments until 2025

No Payments Until 2025 with the purchase of a new industrial waterjet. Include OptiMAX, OMAX, MAXIEM, and GlobalMAX lines. Don’t let the summer pass you by. Deal only available until 8/31/2024.
*Offer valid on approval of credit. This deal is only applicable to deals inside the US.

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