Factory Certified Pre-Owned

Factory Certified Pre-owned

Factory Certified Pre-Owned

OMAX and MAXIEM pre-owned abrasive waterjet machines sometimes become available for resale. If you would like to purchase our certified used factory rebuilt equipment, contact our sales staff at 1-800-838-0343.


Factory Inspection Process

Pre-owned, factory rebuilt JetMachining Centers have undergone a rigorous inspection as well as hardware and software upgrades as required. This process also includes a thorough inspection and cleaning of direct drive components.


Table Inspection Pump Inspection
Update to latest version of IntelliMAX software. Drive motor
Updating 9-axis configurations Replace charge pump Procon
Tank condition and repaint Belts wear and tensioning
Slats, slat holders and supports Pulley spacing
X beams, mag tape and rails 6 port manifold
Linear rail and ball screw Crank case
Drive motors Soft seals
Air pressure regulator Filter housing and filters
Precision laser inspection Tubes and hoses
  Display and keypad testing


Factory Warranty

OMAX Corporation warrants its Pre-Owned, Factory Certified JetMachining Centers and all components of its manufacture to be defect free in workmanship and material.


OMAX Technology Guarantee

The OMAX Technology Guarantee entitles you, as the original owner, to free IntelliMAX premium upgrades for the life of the machine. IntelliMAX standard receive 1 year of free upgrades.

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