OMAX 5555 Abrasive Waterjet

OMAX 5555 OMAX 5555

OMAX 5555

The OMAX 5555 is a great fit for shops needing a machine with a smaller footprint but capable of cutting medium-sized stock.

  • Cutting envelope of 4' 7" x 4' 7" (1.39 m x 1.39 m)
  • ±0.001" (±0.025 mm) linear position accuracy

Waterjet systems includes pump and software.

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  • Backed by OMAX’s exclusive IntelliMAX Premium Software
  • Pre-loaded linear bearings and precision ball screws
  • Standard programmable Motorized Z-Axis with a precision OMAX MAXJET 5i Nozzle boosts productivity and process efficiency
  • Standard scissor-style hard plumbing adds another level of safety by using contained high-pressure components, as well as contributes to a smaller footprint, lower maintenance, and higher reliability
  • Standard Rapid Water Level Control for cleaner, safer, and quieter submerged cutting completes most work below 80 dBA

  • Designed and manufactured at the OMAX factory in Kent, Washington, USA
  • Does not create heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses
  • Machines a wide range of materials and thicknesses, from metals and composites to glass and plastics
  • No tool changes & minimal fixturing dramatically reduce setup

  • Unlimited free training for the life of your machine
  • Unlimited software upgrades for the life of the machine
  • 2-year / 4000-hour limited warranty
  • 3 days of onsite training upon installation


Footprint (with pump)11' 5" x 8' 9" (3.48 m x 2.67 m)
Height (with scissor plumbing)10' (3.05 m)
Operating Weight14,142 lb (6,415 kg)
Weight (tank empty)6,220 lb (2,821 kg)
X-Y Cutting Travel*4' 7" x 4' 7" (1.39 m x 1.39 m)
Z-Axis Travel (with Motorized Z Axis)*8" (203 mm)
Table Size6' 8" x 5' 5" (2.03 m x 1.65 m)
Material Supports Slats4" x 1/8" Galvanized Steel
Maximum Supported Material Load400 lbs/sq ft (1,950 kg/sq meter)
Electrical Requirements3-Phase, 380-480 VAC ±10%, 50-60 Hz
Noise LevelBelow 80 dBA at one meter for submerged cutting
Speed180 in/min (4.57 m/min)
Linear Positional Accuracy*±0.001" (±0.025 mm)
Repeatability*±0.001" (±0.025 mm)
Ballbar Circularity*±0.0025" (±0.064 mm)

* Accessories may reduce travel. Accuracy specifications are at 72° F (22° C).


Maximized uptime with 1,000 hours between maintenance cycles
Increased production by delivering 30% more cutting power
Variable Frequency Drive reduces startup power consumption and maximizes operating flexibility

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 EnduroMAX 100 HPEnduroMAX 50 HPEnduroMAX 30 HPDynaMAX 575P
Motor Power100 HP (75 kW)50 HP (37kW)30 HP (22 kW)75 HP (56 kW)
MAX Jet Power85 HP (63 kW)42.5 HP (31.5 kW)25.5 HP (18.7 kW)51.6 HP (37.9 kW)
Output Pressure60,000 psi60,000 psi60,000 psi60,000 psi
Orifice & Flow Rate **0.022" / 2.25 gpm
(0.56 mm / 8.52 Lpm)
0.016" / 1.20 gpm
(0.41 mm / 4.54 lpm)
0.012" / 0.67 gpm
(0.30 mm / 2.54 lpm)
0.017" / 1.5 gpm
(0.43 mm / 5.68 lpm)
Footprint LxWxH44" x 62" x 44"
(1,118 mm x 1,575 mm x 1,118 mm)
66" x 36" x 38.5"
(1,676mm x 914mm x 978mm)
66" x 36" x 38.5"
(1,676mm x 914mm x 978mm
40" x 79" x 59"
(1016 mm x 1996 mm x 1509 mm)
Collision Sensing Terrain Follower
Collision Sensing Terrain Follower

The Collision Sensing Terrain Follower is an essential tool for working with uneven surfaces.

Laser Feature Finder
Laser Feature Finder

The Laser Feature Finder allows for visual reference before introducing water and garnet.

OMAX Drill Head
OMAX Drill Head

Achieve reliable piercing of composites and laminates with an OMAX-Engineered pneumatic drill.

Precision Optical Locator
Precision Optical Locator

The Precision Optical Locator is designed to let you accurately place parts on the OMAX for secondary machining operations.

Terrain Follower
Terrain Follower

Used with the A-Jet cutting head, the Terrain Followers adjusts standoff to compensate for irregularities in the material surface.

Vacuum Assist
Vacuum Assist

The OMAX Vacuum Assist is ideal for piercing brittle materials, advanced composites, challenging laminates, and more.

Bulk Abrasive Delivery System
Bulk Abrasive Delivery System

Available in 100lbs., 600lbs., 2200 lbs. and 170 L systems, the Bulk Abrasive Deliver Systems provides continuous pressurized garnet.

Variable Speed Solid Removal System
Variable Speed Solid Removal System

The Variable Speed Solid Removal System allows for controlled solid evacuation to reduce downtime.

Chiller System
Chiller System

OMAX Chiller supplies inlet water at a consistent temperature extending pump seal life for longer, sustainable production.

Laminar Filter
Laminar Filter

The Laminar Filter cleans overflow required for recycling through a closed loop system or for sanitary disposal.

Reverse Osmosis System
Reverse Osmosis System

The Reverse Osmosis System can remove 90% of total dissolved solid in water.

Water Recycling System
Water Recycling System

The OMAX Water Recycling System captures and reuses workable overflow water.

Rotary Access
Rotary Axis

The Rotary Axis allows for 6-axis paths to create complex 3D shapes in tube, pipe, and bar stock.


The Tilt-A-Jet lets the OMAX JetMachining Center achieve virtually zero taper.


With a cutting range from 0° to 60°, the A-Jet can easily cut beveled edges, angled sides, and countersinks.

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