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New chapter

At Space Metal Fabricators Inc., engineers use the latest technology to work with customers to take concepts and fabricate them into actual products that outfit the manufacturing, automation solutions, control systems, nuclear fuel and food service industries. Read

The Metal Machining Versatility of Abrasive Waterjets

In today's dynamic manufacturing world, flexibility is the name of the game. Those shops that adapt and succeed are those that have moved beyond a single-purpose machinery mentality and embraced highly versatile multi-purpose technologies. Read

A Nepalese Gristmill, a Waterjet and Fort Lewis College

With the aid of an Omax brand abrasive waterjet, students at the Department of Physics and Engineering at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, are learning how their fabrication and manufacturing education can help solve concerns around the world. Read

Generative Design and the Conventional Machine Shop

Generatively inspired designs are created through a generative process but are further augmented to fit into the manufacturing capabilities of a specific shop. With the advancement of generative design software, a manufacturer open to new trends can more easily bring a generatively inspired product to market. Read

Barriers to Industry 4.0 Are Falling Fast

OEMs like OMAX Corp. and other major manufacturers, for example, have integrated Industry 4.0 solutions into their own production operations. At many smaller shops, however, the technology remains just out of reach. For that reason, OEMs must look for ways to streamline it and make it easily accessible. Read

Feel The Force

"Since Dr. John Olsen developed and patented a motion control system for waterjet water jet cutting systems in 1993, we have endeavoured to provide precise, easy-to-use, cost-effective, standardised, reliable and high-quality abrasive-jet machining systems to the manufacturing industry, with strong aftersales services." Read

Bridging the Data Gap

Industry 4.0 in a manufacturing setting must confront a myriad of interacting data management challenges: measurement conditioning, aggregation, exchange, etc. Smart technology of the next phase of our industry may hinge on cyber connectivity and automation, but without data collection in place to measure operator-set parameters, how do we know what is happening with the machines themselves? Read

Never obsolete

“Early on, OMAX installed waterjet centers at technical high schools and universities to educate students,” he says. “Today, many of those students are engineers and decision- makers who understand that waterjet machines can cut thicker aluminum plate, stainless steel and a host of other materials with ease.” Read

Waterjet: Much Needed Flexibility for Aftermarket Work

Small shops use waterjet water jet cutter to manufacture aftermarket or personalized parts. Read

The Art of Waterjet Cutting

The waterjet’s versatility is hard to beat. “We’ve cut everything from metal to mirrors on there,” Sanders said. Because the waterjet stream has abrasive garnet incorporated into it, the jet can cut through various materials, thin or thick, hardened or soft, ferrous or nonferrous, and organic or synthetic. Read

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