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Leading Edge Machine's Equipment

Two journeymen machinists, each with more than 15 years of experience in the precision machining industry, opened their own business four years ago. Corey Anderson and Brian Deffinger, co-owners of Leading Edge Machine, made a bold but calculated decision to own their own business. The two knew each other well, as Corey had worked under the direction of Brian at a machine shop for nearly nine years.

"We had no customers when we opened for business," Corey said. "We borrowed from our personal assets to open Leading Edge Machine. We knew we needed some differentiating equipment to launch, equipment that wasn't readily available in Northern Utah." The two purchased brand new machines: a Hurco TM10 and an Omax 55100 waterjet.

"Four years ago, there was only one waterjet locally, so we determined our shop would specialize in waterjet cutting and turning," Brian said. "We also knew that we didn't want any downtime -- you can't satisfy customers when you can't deliver - so we purchased only new machinery," he continued.

The company has doubled their revenues nearly every year they have been in business, and today they serve such diverse customers in the military, construction, engineering, commercial and automotive industries. Their customers number approximately 100 today.

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