Waterjet Case Study: The complete package

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Waterjet Case Study: The complete package

Machine: MAXIEM 1530

For over 30 years, WeighPack Systems Inc. has specialized in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art packaging machines for the global market. From container filling, capping and labeling to augers, conveyors and turnkey solutions, this Montreal-headquartered company, which has another facility in Miami, Florida, provides complete solutions for the food and cannabis industries.

At its 60,000-sq. -ft. facility it does a large portion of manufacturing, as well as all research and development (R&D). And like many manufacturers, keeping up with demand naturally lead WeighPack to investing in automation and technology solutions. It has been four years since it purchased the Maxiem 1530 waterjet table by OMAX, an investment Nadine Bolduc, production and facility manager, says was necessary to bring material cutting in-house.

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