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HarshCo LLC, a Waterjet Company

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Of the more than 30 customers HarshCo picked up in the last 18 months (strictly through referrals), Johnny thinks that 80% use HarshCo exclusively for their waterjet needs.

HarshCo is poised and ready for growth. HarshCo was a husband and wife team until recently, and so Johnny couldn't go out marketing the company to new customers. With the recent hiring of his son, Kevin, and the addition of experienced workers, the team now numbers 5 employees, and Johnny will be able to go out and market the company.

By all standards, Johnny Harshman was successful prior to opening his shop. A manufacturers' representative for the electrical utility industry for 17 years making a six-digit income, Johnny was able to live comfortably, buy toys he wanted, and live in a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright-looking house sitting on 1.7 acres in Phoenix. During his off-hours, Johnny jogged, rode his motorcycle, and built metal products. His garage housed a Bridgeport manual mill, a 9" lathe, a drill press, grinders, tubing benders and notchers, a sheet metal brake, MIG and TIG welders, and a deburring machine. Johnny said, "We had all of the standard hobbyist machine shop tools. Well, maybe a little more than the typical hobbyist!".

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