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Brydge to Success


When artistic passion, family experience, and happy coincidence combine with excellent timing, business can blossom. No one knows this better than Steve Brydge of BrydgeWorks Waterjet Cutting Services. His company specializes in architectural design and industrial cutting for business, government and manufacturing. With a Model 2652 and dual-head Model 80160, BrydgeWorks machines everything from countertops and inlay floor designs to airplane control panels and government prototypes.

"We started in 1999." Brydge explains. "My wife Rebecca is an artist who works with stained glass and other media. Her father, Carl Esch, owns Select Tool & Eng. in Elkhart, Indiana, and has more than 45 years of experience in the tool and die trade. His experience and her artistic interests combined to lead us in the direction we are heading today."

After seeing waterjets at a tradeshow, and seeing how the machine would work with her talents, Carl recommended the waterjet idea to us. I flew to Chicago to the trade show to research waterjets, and that was the beginning of our venture into the business."

When Brydge was introduced to the OMAX machine, a 2652, what he saw made a distinct impression. He was especially taken with the PC Controller and what it could do, and immediately envisioned how the direct drive pump could help a business decrease costs and save energy. "I was impressed by the direct drive pump and its electrical efficiency over that of the intensifier pump."

Eventually, Brydge purchased the Model 2652, with high hopes of attracting business. "We bought the machine without one job to do. We got the equipment and went out and found the work. Our employees had no waterjet experience, so we all started learning together. We became fairly familiar with using it in about six months," he says. "It was easy to learn the software and run the machine."

BrydgeWorks only recently purchased the larger format 80160, equipping it with dual cutting heads to increase productivity. The strategy has worked well, helping the company to realize steady growth.

Future plans for BrydgeWorks include possibly acquiring a Model 55100 and, of course, continued expansion. They're quite pleased with the performance of OMAX JetMachining Centers. "I am sold on OMAX," praises Brydge. "The advantages I have seen with the OMAX machines, as well as the superior customer service, leave me confident that we have the best machines available."

Owner: Steve Brydge
Location:Harrisonburg, VA
Founded: 1999
Website: www.brydgeworks.com

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