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Toolcraft: A Small Company with Big Company Capabilites and Certifications

Toolcraft was founded in 1963 by Robert Sanders. Days meant calling on prospective customers and evenings were spent machining the parts for his new customers. The company started out primarily doing work for AiResearch, but soon expanded to have many customers, both large and small. One of these customers was Wynn's Precision, based in Tempe, Arizona. From their work with Wynn's they quickly developed a specialty for making mold retainers for gaskets and seals, and for making the molds needed to mold the seals onto the retainers.

When Wynn's Precision was purchased by Parker Hannifin's Composite Sealing Systems Division in San Diego, Toolcraft through its existing relationship became a valued supplier now to a Fortune 500 company (Parker Hannifin is the #266 largest revenue generator in Fortune's latest ranking). Wynn's precision was eventually consolidated to Parker CSS's San Diego operations. Toolcraft weathered this transition and today remains a premier supplier to San Diego entity.

Robert's three sons, Lester, Boyd and Terry, all helped their dad out at the shop in the early days--cleaning machines and sweeping floors. But only one of the three, Boyd, had any interest in participating in Toolcraft. Dad insisted that Boyd have experience prior to joining the company, and so Boyd joined the Navy. For four years, he learned the skills of physical and optical measurement, and came out and experienced calibration technician.

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