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The Retail Niche

Finding the right market niche is a trusted recipe for prosperity for almost any business.  For Irvington, NJ-based Infinite Sign Industries, a designer and provider of architectural signage, the retail market was just that niche.  With stylish clients like Coach, Burberry, and Giorgio Armani, Infinite Sign Industries has found plenty of success and continues to make its mark in the high-end retail signage industry. 

The company operates out of a 90,000 square foot facility and provides complete design, manufacturing, and installation services. Their high-end retail products ofter require exact cutting, and for this type of application, Infinite Sign Industries relies on its two OMAX waterjet cutting systems.  The OMAX units are valued not only for their precision, but also because of the extremely wide range of materials that they can cut, including glass, wood, metal, plastics, and Sintra.

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