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Prototyping With Waterjet: Draw the Part, Cut the Part

“You name it, we can make it.” That is what Sam Charnegie, Operations Manager of LMS Stamping (Bethlehem, PA), is fond of saying. From harness guide bars for people who race Corvettes, to flanges for railings for buses and rail cars, to catsup and mustard dispensers for stadiums, LMS customers have a need and the shop can deliver it efficiently and quickly.

This broad-based business model has helped LMS grow dramatically in the last two years with the addition of new waterjet machinery that can handle “basically whatever we throw at it in the area of prototyping,” according to Charnegie. At LMS, located not far from the railroad tracks along the Lehigh River’s north shore, a telephone rings persistently as the machine shop keeps running at full throttle.

With so much activity going on now, you would never guess that the pace at LMS Stamping has not always been so brisk. “When LMS started in 1987, it was just a room full of equipment looking for work,” Charnegie recalls. The company had begun with stamping presses ranging from 10 to 400 tons, a CNC (computer numerical control) milling machine, surface grinders, and other basic machine tools.

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