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Mad Systems. Interfacing Mechanical Interactive, Electronics, and Story Telling Since 1998

Mad Systems in Orange, California is a company that creates unique and creative integrated displays for theme parks, museums, exhibitions, and restaurants.  They specialize in audio/video delivery and controls, interactive displays, lighting, special effects, motion control, and a whole range of crazy stuff.  Mad System's customer base is extremely broad, ranging from National Geographic TV shows to world class exhibits at the Griffith Observatory and the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.  Each project comes with its own unique set of parameters.  It makes no difference if Mad Systems is doing all of the electronics at the "Science Storms" exhibit or creating "Professor Pennypickle's Workshop" at the Temecula Children's Museum, they are well-versed in creating mechanical interactive items and interfacing them with electronics.  Every job is special and unique and so they require a select set of tools to get the job done, including an OMAX abrasive waterjet cutting system.

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