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Liquid Potential

ERA Industries Inc of Franklin, Illinois, is a privately held precision machine job shop that has recently discovered the versatility of abrasive waterjet technology.  ERA  traditionally focuses on components for military vehicles and commercial aerospace.  In August 2007, the company purchased its first OMAX machine, a Model  55100 JetMachining Center with 55 inches by 100 inches of cutting capability, a Tilt-A-Jet cutting head for taper compensation and a programmable rotary axis, for 2-D applications to process titanium and exotic alloys specified by the government for use in commercial and military turbine components. Within only 4 months ERA had so much work for the Model 55100 that they purchased a smaller OMAX Model 2652 for use in making smaller parts. 

The OMAX applications are much broader than ERA had initially anticipated.  The two OMAX machines are now recognized as two of the most versatile machines in the shop, cutting materials from titanium to composites and making parts ranging from precisioin turbine components to intricate artwork.  This has allowed ERA to broaden its capabilities and greatly expand its market.

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