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Jetmachining a Path to More Business

Earl Maudlin, President of Kemah, Texas-based Maudlin& Son Mfg. Co., Inc.would not use the company’s sixty years of business success as an excuse for complacency. It was his ongoing desire to improve shop performance that led Maudlin & Son to purchase its third waterjet machine, the OMAX 2652A JetMachining Center.

On the Cutting Edge
Maudlin & Son has always sought to be on the cutting edge of technology. In 1972 the company became what is thought to be the first production shop in Houston to own a Wire EDM. “Alocal vinyl extrusion company had one for inhouse use,” saysMaudlin. “I saw it and said, ‘I have to have one of those!’”

But the purchase of waterjet technology was nearly accidental. “I was really looking for a laser to bemy nextmove,” Maudlin recounts. “I attended an industrial trade show where a guy began by showing me fiberglass cut with a waterjet; at that point I was mildly interested. When he pulled out a box of titanium pieces cut by a waterjet, that really got my attention. My focus immediately turned to the waterjet, because I saw the variety of things it could do that a laser could not. Besides, laser technology was already established in Houston, and I like to offer something that’s different.”

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