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Building a Business on Waterjet Cutting

Today's waterjet systems attract more work than most shops realize.

By Charles Bates
Senior Editor

When Patrick Hill and Mario Marotti started their jobshop, they banked their business on one machine: an abrasive-waterjet system. They did so because they believed the technology offered more opportunities for jobs from many diverse markets as compared to conventional machining equipment. The risk paid off for Chicago Waterjet, which now has enough work to keep two Omax abrasive-waterjet systems busy.

"We saw the potential for profit without competition in the Chicago area," explains company vice president Marotti. "The bulk of companies owning waterjet systems use them to create their own product. And not many do a lot of marketing for abrasive-waterjet jobshop services."

The Chicago-based shop has an Omax model 2652 (2X4-ft table) and a model 80160 (6X12-ft table). The 2652's accuracy of motion over its entire travel is +/-0.003 in. and +/-0.002 in. for 1 ft of travel. Repeatability is +/-0.0013 in., squareness 0.0013 in./ft, and straightness is 0.0017 in./ft.

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