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AdChem Keeps on the Cutting Edge With Waterjets

AdChem Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. (ACMT) of Manchester, CT prides itself on investing in the latest technology. “In our industry, that’s what helps us grow,” said Michael Polo, president and owner. So when a customer came to them unhappy with the heat-affected zone from laser cutting, ACMT invested in an abrasive waterjet.

Following a stint with his father’s manufacturing company, Polo became convinced that there was a market niche for a company specializing in the manufacture of nonmetallic components.ACMT started up in 1987 with just three employees, some heated platen presses and clean rooms.

The company has since grown to 64 employees who operate a wide range of technologies. These include a full sheet metal manufacturing facility; a rubber molding line; several clean rooms for epoxy, silicone and polyurethane bonding; seam, spot and full-resistance welding; an OMAX® 55100 JetMachining® Center; and a Mazak laser cutting machine. ACMT is capable of machining pieces up to 64” in diameter.

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