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Four Steps to Increasing Efficiency

Efficiency is the ultimate key to any successful operation. Without it, the quality of your waterjet and facility will drastically drop below standard optimization. Read

Made in America: The Story of OMAX Waterjets

One of the critical pillars of OMAX's success lies in its unwavering commitment to vertical integration. By consolidating all manufacturing processes within a single campus, the company ensures seamless coordination between departments, from hardware production to software development to training and support. This holistic approach streamlines operations and results in a superior end product with intuitive design and unparalleled performance. Read

Bridging the Skills Gap

Shop owners and project managers are facing today’s potential skilled labor shortage head on by seeking solutions that allow them to maintain and, in many cases, expand their cutting capacity to meet demand today. In addition, their potential solution must set them up for success in the future. OMAX’s OptiMAX abrasive waterjet achieves both. Read

Press Releases

Hypertherm Assoc. selects Aaron Brandt as successor to CEO Evan Smith

Brandt will become the third CEO since Hypertherm Associates’ founding in 1968, following the strong leadership legacy of co-founder Dick Couch, CEO from 1968-2014, and Evan Smith, who succeeded Couch. Read

Hypertherm Associates to close down legal entity in Russia

HANOVER, N.H.—Nov. 1, 2022—Hypertherm Associates, a U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial cutting products and software, today announced plans to formally close its legal entity in Russia. Read

Hypertherm’s OMAX and Robotmaster head to Chicago for IMTS 2022

Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software is preparing to exhibit at IMTS 2022. This year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show, the largest manufacturing technology trade show in North America, takes place September 12 to 17, at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center. Read

News Articles

Jetting to success

A New York-based shop implements waterjet technology and gains value Read

Digging deep

Fabricating projects in the engineering program’s shop helps prepare students for not only continuing their education after high school and, more importantly, for life. Kamal notes that students who are accepted into his program spend more than 1,000 hours studying engineering, including a lot of fabrication in class and as part of the after-school robotics club. Read

Waterjet Case Study: The complete package

Montreal packaging solutions manufacturer continuously invests in automation to keep pace with growth and keep its R&D on point Read


The Importance of Water in Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Not all water is the same, and when it is used in a machine tool, those differences can have unforeseen effects. OMAX Filtration Systems Specialist John Frosheiser discusses the potential challenges and solutions regarding water and your OMAX waterjet system. Read

4 Waterjets, 6 Materials, and 9 Parts, All in under 10 minutes

Watch our application specialist Ivan Kondeykin operate all four abrasive waterjet machines in the OMAX Demo Lab simultaneously. From thick metals to thin carbon fiber, taper-free vertical cuts to 5-axis high angle cuts, and advanced rotary axis parts to high precision parts, Ivan does it all. Read

Cutting a Scuba Tank with the Rotary Axis

Thick material, a cylindrical part, and complex cut geometry, this has it all. Join Ivan Kondeykin in the OMAX applications lab and see how the OMAX Rotary Axis and IntelliMAX software makes this project easy. Read

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