A Safe Waterjet Is a Productive Waterjet

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A Safe Waterjet Is a Productive Waterjet

Abrasive waterjets are safer than ever, but they still require proper safety precautions to be followed to ensure a safe and productive work environment. To keep operators and machines healthy and productive, OMAX offers safety guidelines related to each. While most shops may be familiar with these concepts, the guidelines must be applied consistently and reinforced routinely.

Operator Safety Guidelines

Skilled operators are a shop’s greatest resource. To keep them safe when operating a waterjet cutting system is simple and doesn’t involve a lot of expensive equipment. Safety glasses, ear plugs and good common sense are all that’s required.

Operators never should walk on the machine and always should keep their hands away from its cutting nozzles. The machine and surrounding work area must be kept clean and free of tripping or slipping hazards. During waterjet setup, operators should maintain proper footing and avoid overreaching.

Machine Safety Guidelines

At OMAX, we take every possible safety precaution into consideration when we design our abrasive waterjet cutting machines. Warning decals, safety guards and covers all are there to prevent human injury and machine damage. These safeguards should be kept in perfect working order and never be removed.

On that same note, shops must never modify or alter a machine in any way. When you find yourself thinking, “if I just remove this cover, I could get a bigger piece of material on the machine,” please don’t, and instead, contact an OMAX applications engineer for a safer alternative.

Although abrasive waterjet cutting machines cut everything from metal to wood and plastic to rubber, always use them for their intended purposes. Your YouTube views may rise if you do it, but OMAX does not recommend using a waterjet to cut everyday objects in half. This includes TV remotes, power drills, firearms, laptops, electrical surge protector bars and electric motors, just to name a few. The list is endless.

Another critical guideline in terms of safe machine operation is to keep up with routine maintenance. And because you’re busy, OMAX can make sure you stay on track with our OMAX Service Program and IntelliVISOR System Monitoring software package. With it, you can increase efficiency and reduce downtime by connecting operating controls with machine maintenance and upkeep. You’ll receive alerts from the machine telling you when it's time for routine care.

The OMAX online resource for customers includes these safety guidelines and more. Keeping both operators and machines safe has a lot to do with common sense, but if you are ever in doubt and need advice, reach out to OMAX. We are here to help.

Stay safe and happy cutting!

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