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Next Level Nesting

Nesting, the strategy of cutting as many parts as possible from one piece of material, is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs by maximizing use of a raw material. While you can manually nest parts in software, automated nesting both simplifies and speeds up this process.

Automated nesting software boosts the possibilities for you to achieve lower cost per part by using calculations to position and orient individual part files to fit on a single sheet of material. With the right nesting software, you can cut hundreds of parts with precise results that maximize production.

Sheet metal with nested parts


The OMAX IntelliMAX software includes some basic nesting tools that allow you to do array nesting of the same part file, but for more advanced nesting that maximizes material usage and allows for different part shapes, a dedicated nesting software solution is the answer. If your shop is considering this type of nesting software for the first time or looking to upgrade your current program, ProNest LT OMAX is available for a free seven-day trial.    

Designed specifically for OMAX users to reduce costs and get the most out of your machines, ProNest LT OMAX puts auto nesting strategies to work for you to design and cut with ease. Ensuring ease of use was a key driver as the ProNest LT OMAX CAD/CAM software was developed.

OMAX engineers were part of the process to incorporate intuitive screens and features that yield the best results from your OMAX abrasive waterjet cutting machine. Unlimited tech support, training and software updates also make ProNest LT use effortless for you and other operators in your shop.

Whether you want to import CAD files with existing waterjet quality values, or assign new values,  ProNest LT is OMAX-ready for straight cutting with your OptiMAX®OMAX®MAXIEM®, and GlobalMAX®

Learn more, try it for free and take nesting to the next level for your shop.

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