Enhancing Safety and Comfort with Water Level Control Systems in Waterjets

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Enhancing Safety and Comfort with Water Level Control Systems in Water

Waterjet technology has evolved significantly, offering precision-cutting solutions while minimizing noise and pollution. One crucial advancement in this realm is integrating water level control systems, revolutionizing the cutting process. Let's delve into how these systems optimize operations in waterjet cutting machines.

Noise Reduction and Cleaner Environment: Traditionally, waterjet cutting above water generated considerable noise. However, water level control systems can conduct the cutting process underwater, significantly reducing noise levels. This improves the working environment for operators and minimizes noise pollution in the workshop.

Enhanced Precision and Quality: Cutting parts underwater ensures a cleaner process, as the water layer effectively contains particulates and prevents contamination. Moreover, maintaining a constant water level in the tank is a game-changer, helping achieve consistent cutting depths, enhancing precision and elevating the quality of finished parts, inspiring a new level of excellence in your operations.

Garnet and Water Splash Reduction: Water level control systems play a crucial role in safety, effectively minimizing garnet and water splash during cutting. This reduction in splash keeps the work area cleaner and enhances safety by significantly reducing the risk of slip hazards, providing a secure working environment for operators. 
OMAX offers the Rapid Water Level Control system on their OptiMAX, OMAX, and MAXIEM lines. The system is a pneumatic solution that facilitates quick adjustments to the water level in the catcher tank for underwater cutting.

Key features include: 
•    Convenient placement of controls near the waterjet controller for easy access. 
•    Significant noise reduction to approximately 76 dB when cutting underwater. 
•    Minimized frosting on finished parts, ensuring high-quality results. 
•    Helps maintain a constant water level in the tank, optimizing cutting efficiency.

Water level control systems represent a significant advancement in waterjet technology, offering cleaner, quieter, and more precise cutting solutions. With benefits such as noise reduction, improved quality, and enhanced operational efficiency, these systems are indispensable tools for modern machining operations. As technology continues to evolve, integrating such innovations will further elevate the capabilities of waterjet cutting machines, driving efficiency and productivity in various industries.


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