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Alternatives to Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great resource for keeping up with industry trends, seeing emerging technology in person and accessing possible solutions for your company’s needs. However, sometimes busy schedules, travel costs or other factors make visiting a trade show impractical. What alternatives and resources are available to collect the same information you would gain from an in-person event? Here are some ideas on how to evaluate if waterjet technology is right for your application without the need to visit a show.

Go Online

Getting a test cut is a good method to know if a waterjet is right for you

There are a number of information-rich sources available online to begin your research and product evaluation. First, spend some time on the OMAX website to familiarize yourself with how a waterjet works compared to other cutting technologies. Not only is the process explained, but helpful charts and graphs are also available to download for reference during your evaluation process, as well as a number of videos that showcase the cutting speeds, application versatility and wide range of potential materials available with waterjet technology.

Next, spend some time reading customer case studies on how waterjets are integrated into existing shop processes and how the technology enhanced their businesses. Getting a sense of how others are benefiting from waterjets can provide useful insights about how the technology can help you meet your own application needs. You’ll see how shop owners and manufactures much like yourself expanded the reach of their businesses, streamlined their processes and surpassed their competitors.

Once you get a sense of how waterjet technology can be used in your processes, check out more blog posts and the FAQ section of our website to address any questions you might have. For more detailed questions about your specific needs, visit the OMAX waterjet forum on Facebook for access to insights from a community of OMAX owners and operators.

Make a Call

Your local OMAX sales representative has a wealth of knowledge about our technology and can address questions specific to your cutting application to determine the right product for your materials, tolerances, and budget. They can also offer suggestions for future growth, such as sizing up your cutting bed, accessories to consider down the line, or software features that streamline programing.

Visit the facility to see your machine tool being made

Schedule a Visit

(We are currently not advising people to visit any facilitiy in an effort to promote social distancing.)

Whether you visit the OMAX campus, one of our many domestic and international distributors, or an OMAX owner, seeing the waterjet for yourself is a great way to get an understanding of how the technology can fit into your workflow. Meet with your local distributor and see examples of cut quality and surface finish on the cut edge. Get a demonstration of our software and see how easy it will be to program your parts. The distributor can also review the space requirements of your facility and address any utility concerns or installation questions.

If you are unable to visit OMAX’s facility, there is an online tour available on YouTube. In addition, we can arrange a live stream of a test cutting demonstration on request.

Get a Test Cut

Request a free test cut on your material to see the edge quality, tolerances and cost per part before you make a purchasing decision. You will be provided with a detailed report of your parts cut on an OMAX waterjet machine with the cutting head you are considering, as well as process optimization recommendations from an experienced application specialist. And for those who can’t visit our facility in person, all this can be documented via video recording.

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