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Waterjet Machine Thrusts Ohio Fabricator Into New High-Tech Territory

In 1973, Jim Ennes opened a small fabrication shop, Perfection Fabricators Inc., in Elyria, OH. Welding and bending and machining equipment operated by three employees filled the 30 by 40-ft. space.

Cut to 2015…Perfection Fabrication still resides in Elyria, a suburb of Cleveland with a glorious industrial past. To stay ahead of the game in a region with a rich history of fabrication expertise, and stay attractive to customers who can source worldwide, Perfection and its 12 employees have embraced new technology. The latest: a waterjet cutting machine from Omax—a Maxiem 1530 JetMachining Center with a 30-hp, 22-kW direct-drive pump.

The waterjet joins a formidable arsenal that includes a 3000-W Trumpf laser-cutting machine, 10-ft. Pullmax and Wysong press brakes, Wysong 10-ft. by 0.25-in. shear, and other equipment such as two vertical mills, tube benders and rollers, rollformers and assorted welders. With its flexibility—a must as the company produces 30 to 40 jobs per week at 1 to 500 parts per job—Perfection supplies parts, assemblies and prototypes to numerous big-name companies in tool, industrial, automotive and industrial markets, as well “the little guys.” Fabricated materials at Perfection run the gamut, from glass to plastic, stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron.

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