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Thor Trucks Finds the Right Tools from OMAX Corp.

Machine: MAXIEM 1530

Nimble startup Thor Trucks finds the right tools from OMAX Corp. for electric vehicle development

Inside a warehouse in North Hollywood, California, Thor Trucks is reimagining the future of transportation by building commercial electric vehicles. Sleek designs coupled with quiet operation, the vehicles are impressing transportation industry watchers and innovators alike.

Thor Trucks’ owners believe this could not be achieved without the aid of OMAX Corp.’s MAXIEM 1530 abrasive waterjet. An abrasive waterjet uses a high-pressure stream of water and abrasive to slice a narrow line into a wide variety of materials, resulting in accurate shapes. Cutting with water does have some challenges. To adjust for a flexible cutting tool, the company developed computer models that optimize the patented control software, resulting in accurate part creation without trial-and-error programming.

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