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ProtoMAX is Now Available for Broad Global Release

KENT, Wash., August 30rd, 2018 – OMAX® Corporation announces the ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet has achieved CE certification. The ProtoMAX brings all the versatility benefits of large abrasive waterjet cutters in a sleek and economic package that’s perfect for small job shops, engineering classrooms, makerspaces, and personal use. With a compact footprint and comprehensive versatility, the ProtoMAX is an ideal abrasive waterjet for prototyping, educational applications, or as a complement to a larger machine shop. With the CE mark, the ProtoMAX will now be available worldwide.

Delivering 2068 bar cutting power with a 3.7kW pump, the ProtoMAX can cut metal, glass, plastic, wood, and virtually any other material under 25.4 mm thick with a 305 mm by 305 mm cutting area. The ProtoMAX cuts with no heat-affected zones and no change to the material properties. The waterjet uses a 240V AC outlet and does not require hardwiring. The pump and cutting table are on casters for easy relocation. Work material is submerged under water for clean, quiet cutting that won’t disrupt a shared work space.

The programming of part files and the cutting operation are controlled by the OMAX Intelli-MAX® Proto software. Our powerful software makes converting drawings to cutting paths easy. Setting the machine up to cut is quick and simple. Vice President of marketing at OMAX Corporation, Stephen Bruner, comments, “It’s easy to program even complex paths on the ProtoMAX. We’ve taken many of the same popular CAD/CAM software features that we use in our industrial waterjet systems and incorporated it into the compact ProtoMAX waterjet. Behind the scenes, the software uses sophisticated waterjet cutting models that predict the jet’s precise behavior when cutting different materials, thicknesses and shapes. But the user interface is simple and straightforward, making it an ideal learning tool for computer-aided manufacturing.”

OMAX launched to provide additional information about the ProtoMAX waterjet, including purchasing options.

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