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OMAX Maximizes Uptime with EnduroMAX Pump

OMAX Corporation continues to bolster its standing as the industry leader in advanced abrasive waterjet technology with innovative designs such as its EnduroMAX® Pump for OMAX JetMachining® Centers. This exclusive direct drive pump provides double the operating life of other designs, and makes for faster part processing, lower operating costs, and easier maintenance. 

The EnduroMAX Pump maximizes machine uptime with its 1,000-hour operating range between required pump rebuilds when run at 55,000 psi (3,800 bar). However, the pump can also effortlessly run continuously at 60,000 psi (4,100 bar). 

OMAX built the EnduroMAX Pump to run much more efficiently as compared with intensifier pump designs. The EnduroMAX operates at 85 percent efficiency as opposed to the 60 percent to 70 percent range of intensifier pumps. The EnduroMAX also delivers more horsepower to the nozzle while using less electricity than intensifier pumps. 

The combination of continuous 60,000 psi operation and 85 percent efficiency allows OMAX machines using the EnduroMAX to process parts faster. All models of EnduroMAX Pumps deliver 60,000 psi and are offered in various horsepower ratings. The available models are the 3060 (30 hp), 4060 (40 hp), and 5060 (50 hp). 

For ease of maintenance, the EnduroMAX design consists of independent pump cylinders, instead of a manifold-style wet-end assembly, allowing the individual cylinders to be rebuilt as opposed to the entire assembly. With the EnduroMAX, OMAX improved pump operating life through the design of critical ultra high-pressure (UHP) components. 

“In our industry, the technology never stops. We are constantly improving the aspects of all our equipment, and pump technology is just one of those aspects,” said Darren Stang, Vice President of engineering at OMAX Corporation. “What differentiates OMAX is that all the technology we develop is engineered to apply to OMAX waterjet machines of any era.”

OMAX customers do not have to purchase new equipment to get the latest waterjet technologies. EnduroMAX retrofit kits are available, allowing shops with older OMAX equipment to take advantage of the benefits provided by the new pump design. As with all OMAX products, the EnduroMAX Pump is engineered for maximum performance. 

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