MAXIEM Expands Product Line for Large-Scale Production

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MAXIEM Expands Product Line for Large-Scale Production

OMAX Corporation continues to set new standards in abrasive waterjet cutting technology with the expansion of its line of MAXIEM JetMachining® Centers. The company introduced three larger sizes of its next generation MAXIEM to meet the needs of shops, OEMs, metal service centers, and fabricators for large-scale production.

The first five models in the next generation MAXIEM JetMachining Center product line were introduced in April 2014 to meet customer demands for cost-efficient, yet high-performance waterjet cutting technology with more productivity enhancing features. The lineup now comprises eight models including the new 2060, 2080, and 3060 JetMachining Centers.

The 2060 and 2080 models are ideal for a wide range of modern large format machining of parts up to 6' 7" wide by 20' 6" long and 27' 2" long, respectively. The 3060 JetMachining Center boasts a wider work envelope ideal for machining of a wide range of materials and thicknesses, from metals and composites to glass and plastics. This machine features a Y cutting travel of 10' 2", more than three and a half feet wider than the 2060, and an X cutting travel of 20' 6".

The complete MAXIEM lineup continues the tradition of easy-to-use, reliable and efficient abrasive waterjet machines designed and built in the United States. These JetMachining Centers also feature OMAX™s industry leading Intelli-TRAX® linear drive system that utilizes brushless servo motors, integrated servo drives and high precision linear encoders that provide constant and continuous feedback on the actual position of the cutting head. In addition to increased part cutting accuracy, the advanced drive system delivers much faster and smoother motion.

The all-in-one Windows® 8 controllers on the MAXIEM machines come pre-loaded with the powerful OMAX IntelliMAX® Software Suite. The IntelliMAX Software makes it easy to generate complex geometries and produce quality parts from virtually any type of material.

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