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Michael Lo, Kevin Hay, and Dr. Axel Henning selected for best paper at

KENT, Wash., January 28th, 2020 – Three members of the OMAX® Research and Development team, Michael Lo, Kevin Hay, and Dr. Axel Henning, have won the Best Paper at the Water Jet 2019 conference in the Czech Republic. The paper titled, “Particle Velocity in Abrasive Waterjets” examines abrasive speed data to help improve understanding of particle acceleration behavior in Abrasive Waterjet (AWJ) nozzles.

This year was the 6th time the biannual Czech Water Jet conference occurred. The conference is geared towards producers, users, designers and other public interested in the technology of high-speed water jet. It is a forum for the exchange of knowledge, information and experiences in areas of research, development and application of the water jets.

“It was an honor to represent the OMAX Corporation at Water Jet 2019 and a lot of fun to meet experts in the field that come from universities and companies in different countries,” said Michael Lo. The paper was selected from 37 submitted articles by the international technical committee.

OMAX has a long history of supporting research and development. From motion control systems to precision cutting, the OMAX researchers have discovered much of what has made OMAX the technological leader throughout the waterjet industry. Just like when OMAX introduced its revolutionary cutting model which provided improvements on cutting speed and precision to all users of their machines, OMAX constantly strives to improve on components and procedures to make sure their customers will excel in an increasingly competitive market.

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