Variable Speed Solids Removal System

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The programmable variable speed system provides precise control over garnet evacuation rate, direction, and duration to efficiently remove garnet from the waterjet Catcher Tank. 

The Variable Speed Solids Removal System (VS-SRS) gives the operator the ability to program flow rate and direction. The controller's programmability provides greater garnet removal than comparable fixed speed units. An optimized fluid return trough increases settling time and minimizes abrasive volume returning to the tank.

  • Garnet removal rate as high as 5.6 lbs/min
  • Provides an easy, economical way to clean the Catcher Tank with minimal downtime for maintenance
  • Uses only 21sq ft of floor space
  • Productively removes both large and fine particles
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) provides programmable flow rate and direction reversal for optimal abrasive removal
  • 3/4 yard hopper that includes liner for ease of removing garnet from hopper
  • Optimized fluid return trough minimizes abrasive volume returning to the tank
  • Suction line flushing feature
  • UL, CE and CSA compliant
  • Built-in GFCI protection


  • 220/240 VAC (50/60 Hz) Single Phase 10A GFCI protected (supplied by owner)
  • Ships with a Nema 6-20 male plug
  • Install according to local electrical code

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