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The Precision Optical Locator (POL) facilitates precision JetMachining of pre-machined components, such as die stripper plates. The POL is designed to let you accurately place parts on the OMAX for secondary machining operations. You can place the parts in any orientation, and the software will automatically rotate the tool path to match the placement of the part. The Precision Optical Locator uses modern compact video technology to precisely locate any points, edges or holes on a pre-machined piece of material that is placed on the OMAX cutting table. The software package then reorients the cutting program to precisely align with the located features.

  • Video/optical locating system eliminates the need for cumbersome point location using time consuming dial indicators
  • Video monitoring and software functions measure the location of material features to prepare for secondary machining, such as drilling in the center of a disk
  • Pick up locating points without the operator leaving the control console
  • High definition camera with microscope lens to zoom in on material features, locate, and select points with the software’s precision crosshair alignment tool
  • Video image of featured location can be saved for quality control records
  • Light ring illuminates viewing area
  • When used with OMAX Watcher Utility, the POL allows remote machine monitoring and shutdown
  • Includes two camera tripods, a 250-inch ethernet cable, and a sturdy accessory carrying case
  • Camera resolution up to 2592 x 1944 pixels


  • Windows upgrade. Contact OMAX Customer Service for information
  • Motorized Z-axis or Tilt-A-Jet
  • Remove from Z-axis during cutting

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