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The Bulk Abrasive Delivery System is manufactured to the standards of ASME code or CE marking status. The tank can be pressurized to 125 psi (0.86 MPa) and can be located up to 20 feet away from your OMAX JetMachining Center. The system uses compressed air to automatically transport garnet from the Bulk Abrasive hopper to the 25 lb hopper located on the OMAX machine.

Technical Specifications      
Delivery System 100 lb System 600 lb System 2200 lb System
Height 34" (864 mm) 54" (1,372 mm) 82" (2,083 mm)
Footprint 20" x 26" (508 mm x 661 mm) 37" x 37" (940 mm x 940 mm) 38" x 38" (965 mm x 965 mm)
Min. supply pressure 90 psi (0.62 MPa) 90 psi (0.62 MPa) 90 psi (0.62 MPa)
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Automatically feeds the 25lb (15lb on MAXIEM) garnet hopper located next to the cutting head
  • Integrates with OMAX Intelli-VISOR® System Monitoring Package
  • Retrofittable to all OMAX and MAXIEM systems
  • Supplies garnet for long cuts to prevent delays or material damage
  • Can be located 20 feet (6 m) from the machine
  • 600lb Hopper included on OMAX 55100 and larger JetMachining Centers
  • Filter screen included with 100lb Hopper

Application Usage

The bulk abrasive feed system is used in conjunction with, but does not replace, the existing small-sized hopper near the nozzle. This lets you refill the large hopper without having to stop the OMAX, while the machine uses the smaller hopper. It also gives you half an hour visual warning when it has run out of abrasive, so you know to fill it before it runs out of abrasive completely.

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