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What Makes OMAX Unique

See, first hand, what make OMAX distinctive. From our rigid construction to our Quality Assurance, OMAX brand abrasive waterjets set the high water mark for machine tool excellence.

Thursday, August 27, 2020 09:00 PDT
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Mark Trimper
Mark Trimper
Regional Sales Mngr Senior
Nick Jaffurs
Nick Jaffurs
Regional Sales Manager
Ivan Kondeykin
Ivan Kondeykin
Field Service Technician

In this webinar, you will learn what makes OMAX stand apart from others in the field. From our technology to how OMAX does business, we focus on providing waterjet systems designed for customer success. The core values of the company and our employee, our innovative waterjet solutions, industry leading software, customer service and support, and our in-house manufacturing and testing will be some of the topics of discussion.

  • At OMAX we build everything at one location and test each waterjet as a singular unit (table, nozzle, pump and software) before we ship it out.
  • Our attentive customer service is only a few steps away from our award-winning engineering staff. When you call you know you are getting the experts.
  • We’ll also show programming and cutting on the MicroMAX. The most precise waterjet in the industry, the MicroMAX utilizes advanced high-precision optical linear encoders, innovative vibration isolation, and proven software control systems.

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