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Waterjet Compared

Join OMAX in the latest virtual trade show to see how waterjet stacks up against traditional cutting methods. See firsthand how cutting complex geometric shapes in a variety of materials makes OMAX waterjets a superior option over single-use tools. Learn how to revamp your shop processes to take on more work, fabricate more parts, and complete more jobs.

Thursday Feb 25, 2021 9:00 am PST
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Jesse Bronson
Jesse Bronson
Regional Manager
Tim Holcomb
Tim Holcomb
Applications Specialist

Jesse Bronson joined OMAX Corporation in 2018 and serves as Regional Manager in Asia Pacific and Middle East following 10 years in various regional managerial roles in the CNC Machine Tool and Oil and Gas Industries. He is permanently based in Asia Pacific to better serve OMAX's Asia based customers.

What started as a hobby transitioned into a career with Tim supervising a 3-Axis and 5-Axis laser department with an abrasive waterjet system. From there, Tim took the lead role at an abrasive waterjet demo center in Michigan where he worked with a huge variety of applications from automotive to aerospace and everything in between. Tim has been at OMAX Corporation for 23 years.

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