Motorized Z-Axis

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The electrically operated OMAX Motorized Z-Axis provides precise nozzle positioning. The powerful combination of the Motorized Z-Axis and the Precision Optical Locator provides precision jet machining of pre-machined parts, such as die-stripper plates.

  • 8-3/4" Travel in Z direction
  • Controller pre-programmable, automatic stand-off distance to insure proper nozzle height off of work piece
  • Jog up/down at user settable speeds and distance
  • Manual controls to move specific amounts
  • Heads-up traversing to avoid obstacles
  • "Move all up" command to quickly move nozzle out of the way after a tool path has completed
  • Can be pre-programmed using OMAX 3-D Path Editor Software to follow vertical contours of parts and avoid obstacles. Maximum programmable slope is 60 degrees when contour following.
  • Can be programmed by most other CAD/CAM software through custom post processor


  • Windows upgrade, contact technical support for information.
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