MAXJET5i MiniJet Nozzle

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  • Maxjet 5I Minijet Nozzle

The industry's premier mini-abrasivejet nozzle. The MiniJet is designed for abrasive waterjet cutting applications requiring a narrower cut width and/or a more precise cut. It is ideal for making parts with intricate shapes or where minimum possible taper is desired. The MiniJet is also well-suited to cutting thin, delicate material.

  • No more nozzle body rebuilds!
  • Cut intricate, delicate parts with no distortion or secondary machining
  • Reduce wasted material when cutting precious materials
  • Expected life 500 hours or more (limited warranty*)
  • High quality nozzle components include mixing chamber, carbide disc, and diamond orifice permanently integrated and aligned within the nozzle body
  • Cuts at a narrower width (between 0.020" and 0.025")


  • Variable speed pumps (Contact OMAX Customer Service for information.)

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