7/15 Mini MAXJET5 Nozzle

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The OMAX answer for maximizing the value when cutting precious materials.

Acquires finer precision cutting capability with a 0.007" orifice and a 0.015" mixing tube combination. Allows for expansion by adding multiple jets, giving a distinct cutting advantage without extra horsepower. Forming a jet stream carrying finer abrasive, the 7/15 Mini MAXJET 5 Nozzle can produce a kerf as small as 0.015". Achieves intricate patterns for parts cut on thin, exotic materials, such as gold.

  • Generates less wasted material by making narrower cuts, an ideal solution when working with precious metals and materials
  • Cuts intricate, delicate parts with no distortion or secondary machining
  • Designed to be a compact nozzle with a single abrasive feed tube
  • Smaller diameter mixing tube allows for finer, more detailed cuts
  • Narrower jet stream can carry finer abrasive such as 220 HPA
  • Nozzle kit includes an excess flow dump valve assembly, abrasive orifice, dump valve orifice for the pump, abrasive feed tubing, and abrasive agitator
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