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Advanced Systems

OMAX is always striving to find better ways to cut. Operational monitoring, programmable controlled machining, and sophisticated nesting can help increase uptime while boosting material utilization and flexibility. Our advanced software systems are often built right into IntelliMAX and require no additional software purchase.

Raw materials can be expensive. Be sure you’re getting the most out of your investment with high-quality nesting software. ProNest uses advanced nesting algorithms to arrange your parts quickly and efficiently for maximum material utilization. This optional software is designed to work directly alongside IntelliMAX with the ability to import and export OMX and ORD files while retaining XData if applicable for the job.

For bevel machines, select ProNest, the advanced-level software that supports beveled part nesting and offers other enterprise-level optional modules beyond nesting, including quoting, plate inventory management, work order processing, ERP/MRP integration, and much more.

For conventional, straight-cutting machines, you may choose ProNest LT OMAX, which provides best-in-class automatic nesting on a low-cost, subscription basis.

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OMAX LAYOUT includes a feature that lets you input "extra" data, or XData, for any entity in a drawing or tool path. XData is great for doing things like specifying pause points, adding a note for the machine operator to display on the screen, or customizing the cutting speed for a specific entity. XData can also be used to control custom accessories like the tilting of an A-Jet or Tilt-A-Jet cutting head and rotation of the Rotary Axis

IntelliMAX xData


OMAX Scripting is a complete yet simple programming environment, compiler, and execution system built right into OMAX’s IntelliMAX. Scripting’s purpose is to allow third parties to easily extend the software to do new things, such as write commands for LAYOUT, modify a path in MAKE, create an interface for a third-party plug-in, or even create applications.

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The OMAX IntelliVISOR System Monitoring Package enables you to increase efficiency and reduce downtime by connecting operation controls with machine maintenance and upkeep. Running in parallel with other programs in IntelliMAX, IntelliVISOR is both simple and highly adaptable for the end user. A comprehensive alert system keeps you connected and aware of your machine's status to maximize productivity.

IntelliMAX IntelliVISOR