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What OMAX Owners Say

What is there not to like about the machine? Love the size, software and the reliability.

Rob of Leed Himmel Industries, Inc.

Software, the free upgrades, overall customer service...

Bryan of WaterJet Cutting Solutions, Inc.

As an owner of three machines, I can’t talk up OMAX enough – especially the free software upgrades and support.

John of Waterjet Design

The software is far superior to the competition’s, and we feel like the OMAX is built with higher quality.

Steve of BrydgeWorks

I’ve loved my machine since purchasing it. It is a high quality machine with high quality software and support.

Hugh of FloBair Precision Waterjet

Software is the best out there!

Vlado of Jet-Maxx, Inc.

I’ve had my machine for over eight years and am always impressed by the reliability and ease of use of OMAX software.

Lee of Lectro Engineering


Great things happen when you are committed to continuous technology improvements. Here are some of our software accomplishment over the years.

  • The IntelliMAX Software Suite works on the Windows® operating system through Windows 10 (64 bit), and comes in 16 different languages worldwide.
  • OMAX released the first controller designed specifically for abrasive waterjet machining with a built-in cutting model.
  • OMAX software can convert, import or view more CAD, artistic, and other file types than any other software in the industry providing maximum compatibility with third party software.
  • OMAX features Tool Path fonts that are pre-optimized specifically for abrasive waterjet machining. The software also supports True Type fonts.
  • With Tech Support Reports, OMAX Technical Support can quickly address technical issues without sacrificing customer productivity.
  • OMAX software has precise time and cost estimates, accurate to within a second, to take the guesswork out of job costing.
  • OMAX features a user-editable and expandable materials database.
  • OMAX features automatic homing to re-home a machine with a single click.
  • OMAX features the automatic stack height calculator to configure optimize stack heights of thin materials for the best results.
  • OMAX and MAXIEM machines now support two independent Z axes simultaneously.
  • OMAX offers a free nesting package for array nesting with support for multiple nozzles and part fitting.
  • OMAX features a fully programmable Z-axis control and a 3D Path Editor.
  • A "Check for collisions" button identifies likely collision areas in a tool path, allowing optional automatic corrections.
  • OMAX corner passing supports arcs by introducing significant speed boosts for corners defined by one or two arcs.
  • OMAX supports internal and external gears, racks and sprockets in both U.S. and metric standards.
  • Intelli-TRACE automatically traces images for nearly any common bitmap image (JPEG, etc.)
  • Jerk filtering to smooth out motor motions beyond just speed and acceleration for improved cutting.
  • "Custom reports" allow users to make custom templates automatically filled in with time estimates and other reporting.
  • OMAX 3D Path Editor now supports 5-axis programming, by allowing tilt to be specified along with X, Y and Z.
  • OMAX now features CAM capability to SolidWorks, Rhino and Inventor by supplying free Intelli-CAM plug-ins.
  • 3D Parametric shapes offered for common tube and pipe cutting applications.

Get Inspired

If you can imagine it, OMAX can bring it to life. Click on the images to find your inspiration.

IntelliCORNER Cut Part
3D Parts
3D Part
XData using Rotary Axis
Copper Tubes cut with XData & Rotary Axis

Not all options are available on MAXIEM JetMachining Centers. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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