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Why Direct Drive Pumps?

OMAX® and MAXIEM pumps are the latest in direct-drive pump technology, designed for tough industrial use. They’re compact and quiet, and provide high power efficiency, low water usage, easy maintenance, and low operating cost.

The OMAX® and MAXIEM direct drive pumps deliver more than 85% of the electrical input power to the cutting nozzle. This translates into less energy usage, faster cutting speed per unit of input power, and lower cost per finished part than other pump technologies. Watch the direct drive pump video presented by Laird Parry, Senior Application Engineer to learn more »

  • 100HP Pump

    The high performance 100HP Pump with EnduroMAX technology is faster, smoother, and more efficient than any other 100HP pump at any pressure.
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  • EnduroMAX Pump

    Simple and durable yet highly efficient, the EnduroMAX pump provides over 1000 hours between maintenance cycles for improved production.
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  • EnduroMAX DualPUMP Package

    Designed for shops with high capacity production needs to cut thick materials or utilize multiple nozzle configurations, the DualPUMP doubles your cutting power.
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  • MAXIEM Pump

    Designed for tough and reliable industrial use, the MAXIEM direct drive pump is an efficient solution for affordable machining.
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Discover OMAX pump technology videos. Watch more videos »


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