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What OMAX owners are saying.

  • "OMAX solved the 'concept to finished part' problem. What used to take weeks now takes only hours..."

    Peter of Asterisk Inc

  • "Because of the OMAX waterjet machine and the ease-of-use with the software, it allows us to nest parts in materials and get more pieces per sheet."

    Shane of TruPart Manufacturing Inc.

  • "The dining table was a very exciting project which could not have been done without the OMAX 55100,"

    Peter of Carapace Armor Technology

  • "The OMAX machine made it possible for us to survive during this very difficult economic period,"

    Torres of Amaida Machine Shop, LLC

  • "We can cut parts right to size with our OMAX machines. The machines' Tilt-A-Jet accessory, precision table motion and easy-to-use controls are what make that possible."

    Jack of Jack's Machine Co.

  • "We came to the realization that waterjet was a critical tool for efficient prototyping for several reasons. It's faster, easier to set up and operate and handles more materials than traditional machine tools."

    Dr. Coope of the British Columbia Cancer Agency’s Genome Science Centre

  • "We realized how much money we saved if we kept most of our cutting work in-house instead of outsourcing. "

    Mr. Makis of Custom Precision Technologies

  • "With reverse engineering, we've essentially been able to take blueprints, sketches, and mylars, scan them and input them into the OMAX software. We're able to trace over the original blueprint and use the scaling features to cut a prototype."

    Scott of Waterjet West

  • "In the morning, we can go through and cut an entire product out and have a prototype put together because we can do everything in-house and have the accuracy of the waterjet."

    Joel of Jacyl Technology

  • "The motion control that OMAX has is superior to other machines that are out there. The things my customers comment the most is the quietness of the machine and its accuracy and repeatability."

    Ted of Hydrocut Waterjet

Machine Description

The MicroMAX™ JetMachining® Center is the ideal solution for ultra-precision abrasive waterjet machining. Utilizing advanced high precision linear encoders, innovative vibration isolation, and proven software control systems, the MicroMAX JetMachining Center is capable of a positioning accuracy of less than five microns while retaining all the advantages of abrasive waterjet machining. The MicroMAX JetMachining Center cuts without heat affected zone (HAZ), so no secondary processing is required. The MicroMAX JetMachining Center can machine stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, PEEK, glass, nitinol, graphite, copper, composites, laminates, and more, with high precision and smooth finishing, for either prototyping or production.

  • Equipped with precision 7/15 Mini MAXJET® 5 nozzle
  • Vibration isolation of table and gantries
  • A work envelope offering an X-Y cutting travel of 24" x 24" (610 mm x 610 mm)



With its versatility, the OMAX MicroMAX is ideally suited to turn ideas into reality. With its small footprint, high precision, and fast cutting, it is an ideal research and development, rapid prototyping, and production waterjet machine for industries such as medical, electronics, aerospace, energy production/storage and more. Easily machine prototype parts in one material for testing, then manufacture production samples from another material, all while maintaining the same precision and preserving the material integrity.


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OMAX Introduces Taper-Free Cutting in Waterjet Micromachining »

With its MicroMAX JetMachining Center, OMAX proves the speed, versatility and accuracy of abrasive waterjet technology now applies to the cutting of micron-level parts or part features from a wide range of materials, including exotic metals, advanced composites, polymer thermoplastics and glass.

The Promise of Waterjet Technology for Micromachining »

The potential benefits of using waterjet technology to produce parts or part features smaller than 300 microns are compelling. Developers and researchers are getting close to breaking the barriers that stand in the way of micromachining in the 150- to 200-micron range and below.

Water down »

Geologists say that the Colorado River once took a hard westward turn, then trickled its way across what is now northern Arizona to form the Grand Canyon. Abrasive waterjet pioneer Don Miller predicts there is another trickle coming, this one in the world of micromanufacturing.
Source: Micromanufacturing Magazine

MicroAWJ Technology for Meso-Micro Machining »

Waterjet technology has technological and manufacturing merits that cannot be matched by most established machine tools. There is considerable demand for downsizing beam diameters of abrasive-waterjets (AWJs) to reduce costs for machining of various microproducts.
Source: Reprint from American WJTA-IMCA Conference and Expo

Micro Abrasive-Waterjet Technology »

Waterjet technology has come a long way since its commercialization in the late 1970’s. It has evolved from merely a rough cutting tool to a precision machine tool, competing on equal footing with established tools such as lasers, mechanical milling and routing tools, EDM, ultrasonics, photochemical etching, and various CNC tools.
Source: Reprint from Micromachining Techniques for Fabrication of Micro and Nano Structures

Versatility of waterjet technology: from macro to micro machining for most materials »

Waterjet technology has matured rapidly and become one of the mainstream precision machine tools since commercialized in the late 1970’s. Waterjets have several inherent features that are superior to most conventional machine tools.
Source: Reprint from Proceedings of the 20th International Waterjet Conference

The Power of Abrasion

Just as erosive forces create intricate rock patterns, advanced abrasive waterjet technology enables OMAX JetMachining Centers to cut complex workpieces from virtually any material with the utmost precision and speed.

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