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Past OMAX Virtual Trade Shows

If you’ve missed one of our virtual trade shows, they are all here below for you to experience at your leisure. Learn about how an OMAX abrasive waterjet fits into your workflow on your own time.

OMAX Recorded Event

Waterjet Compared

See firsthand how cutting complex geometric shapes in a variety of materials makes OMAX waterjets a superior option over single-use tools.

OMAX Recorded Event

What Makes OMAX Unique

See, first hand, what make OMAX distinctive. From our rigid construction to our Quality Assurance, OMAX brand abrasive waterjets set the high water mark for machine tool excellence.

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Experience ProtoMAX

See the first light industrial waterjet on the market, the OMAX ProtoMAX. The compact machine footprint combined with its comprehensive versatility makes the ProtoMAX an ideal abrasive waterjet for education centers, light manufacturing and R&D.

OMAX Recorded Event

See OMAX in Action

Join us live from our demonstration lab. Watch, first hand, how easy it is to create a part in minutes. Experiencing what a waterjet can do is a great way to get an understanding of how the technology can fit into your workflow.

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