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Waterjet Machining in the Shade with Tropical J's

In Hawai’i, the transition from thunderous downpour to island heat takes only seconds. Whatever the weather, with the help of their MAXIEM® abrasive waterjet, Tropical J’s is designing and crafting custom awnings for the Aloha State.

Tropical J’s started in 1989 by designing hand-crafted, tropical-print, hand-held umbrellas. The company grew quickly to provide an entire array of...

Limits to the Precision of Abrasive Jet Cutting

The market size for abrasive jet cutting is dependent on both the speed of the machine and the precision of the resultant part. Early abrasiive jets were crude, slow cutting devices that were used only as the process of last resort where all other fabrication methods failed usually because of the difficult properties of the materlia being cut. Today, abrasive jet machining is approaching the...

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