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LERA Srl - Beautiful Craftsmanship in the heart of Romania

The story of LERA Srl is one of constant growth and adaptation in pursuit of a competitive edge since the shop’s founding. “The company started its textile service business in a rented space,” said Sorin Lecusescu, LERA’s general director. “In 1996, LERA built two production spaces and a headquarter located in Dumbrava Roșie, Neamț County, Romania. Along with the construction of our workshops...

Shop's Diversity Rides on Waterjet Cutting

West Coast Steel Fabricators

What does a 260 mph Ford Mustang funny car, a 48” manhole lid, a kitchen countertop and a 56’ semitrailer have in common? They all center around Brian Hough’s shop, West Coast Steel Fabricators, and benefit from versatile, affordable waterjet cutting.

Brian Hough’s business extends beyond the West Coast Steel Fabricators job shop...

MAXIEM JetCutting Center Makes the Cut at Fabricating Shop

Walsh Manufacturing

Walsh Manufacturing, a Cleveland, Ohio, fabricating shop was at an impasse. The company wanted to grow, but was hindered by a scheduling logjam with its outside suppliers for cutting work. Company leadership decided to add new technology that would allow them to bring all the cutting work in-house. After considering plasma, laser and abrasive waterjet technologies, Walsh...

Making Dreams Into Reality With Waterjet Productivity

WaneShear Technologies LLC

Last year all the technological pieces fell into place for WaneShear Technologies LLC, enabling the company to successfully fabricate the world's first WaneShear. The unique lumber-cutting system was a longtime dream of Ron McGehee and his son Clark and only recently became a reality as a result of today's advanced servomotors and high-powered computers....

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