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Building a Business on Waterjet Cutting

Today's waterjet systems attract more work than most shops realize.

By Charles Bates Senior Editor

When Patrick Hill and Mario Marotti started their jobshop, they banked their business on one machine: an abrasive-waterjet system. They did so because they believed the technology offered more opportunities for jobs from many diverse markets as compared to conventional machining...

OMAX Corporation Unleashes Intelli-MAX 21 at WMTS 2015

KENT, Wash., June 15, 2015 - OMAX Corporation recently expanded its Intelli-MAX Software Suite for OMAX JetMachining Centers with the release of Intelli-MAX 21. The new version - with a new fourth generation cutting model - was on display at Canada’s Western Manufacturing Technology Show (WMTS). It not only optimizes tool paths automatically, but gives users precise predictability as to...

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