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  1. Trupart Builds on a History of Manufacturing Innovation

    “In 2001, my grandfather noticed a huge dip in stamping, most of it being outsourced overseas,” said Shane Prukop, president of Trupart Manufacturing Inc. “In an effort to offer other services, we purchased our first abrasive waterjet machining system. It opened a whole new world and laid the groundwork for what we can manufacture now. The OMAX helped fill a gap.”

  2. Holly Yashi and the LightSail Project

    OMAX abrasive waterjets have the ability to cut virtually anything, and that versatility means never having to turn down a job due to material restrictions. It also means a single waterjet can work across several different industries. For example, the same machine may cut jewelry one day and a part for an experimental space project the next. That is the case with Holly Yashi’s OMAX 2652 JetMachining Center.

  3. OMAX Presents Waterjet Cutting Versatility and Precision to EMO 2019

    At EMO 2019 Hannover, OMAX® Corporation will present the powerful OMAX 5555 JetMachining Center® with a 40hp EnduroMAX® pump and Tilt-A-Jet®, as well as the latest in personal waterjets, the ProtoMAX®.

  4. ISAM 2019

    OMAX will attend the 2019 ISAM with our ProtoMAX team to show the benefits of adding abrasive waterjet into educational programs and the real-world skills students will aquire from a hands-on creation approach. 

  5. Save Time and Resources with the OMAX Service Program

    Regular preventive maintenance will ensure years of trouble-free waterjet operation. Like any other piece of machinery, the pumps, high-pressure lines, swivels and belts inside your abrasive waterjet need some extra attention from time to time to keep everything in optimal working order. If you have the know-how, equipment and additional man hours, this routine maintenance can be done in-house.

  6. Make the Most of Your Remnants with IntelliMax

    This tip comes from longtime OMAX Regional Sales Manager Patrick Turpin, who oversees sales in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Did you know that IntelliMax has a “Remnant” capability? That’s right, you can manually track remnants and add parts to existing sheets, allowing you to save money by using as much of your material as possible. Let’s go over how the remnant feature works.

  7. LERA Srl - Beautiful Craftsmanship in the heart of Romania

    The story of LERA Srl is one of constant growth and adaptation in pursuit of a competitive edge since the shop’s founding. “The company started its textile service business in a rented space,” said Sorin Lecusescu, LERA’s general director. “In 1996, LERA built two production spaces and a headquarter located in Dumbrava Roșie, Neamț County, Romania. Along with the construction of our workshops, our activities expanded from service to production.”

  8. Bridging the Data Gap

    Machine tools compound data management with further inherent challenges. Machine tools commonly stay in service for 20+ years, but data storage and processing power remain in rapid growth cycles. How often do we still see paper maintenance logs? The lag in mass adoption of data management tools in the industrial sector often creates complications through “data islands,” where siloed information lingers unused in a manufacturing tool’s memory or even in a handwritten log. Simply setting the goalposts for these challenges can be a major activity in this evolving landscape, but make no mistake, the ball is moving. Read the whole article at Shop Metalworking Technology

  9. Cutting 3D designs on an OMAX waterjet

    OMAX waterjets help you create so many unique and amazing things. Check out the video below to see how our Applications Team used a waterjet to cut the northern hemisphere of a 3D globe.

  10. Central Canadian Glass – Industry Leaders

    Fogo Island Inn. New York Yankee Stadium. Shangri-La Hotel. These are just a few extraordinary projects produced by the glass architectural and design-focused Central Canadian Glass (CCG). Their large shop highlights an all-in-one method of production where fixturing, stonework, and metal are cut alongside glass. Committed to providing their clients a product of the highest possible quality with the best turnaround time, the Concord, Ontario-based fabrication shop has earned the right to be called an industry leader in custom glass.

  11. Making Waterjet Precision Possible

    An abrasive waterjet machine demonstrates its fullest advantages when it cuts complex geometries in a variety of materials. The software package that drives the machine makes the biggest contribution to waterjet utility and overall cost control. Waterjet machines initially used G code, but they exhibit special physics and geometric con-siderations that traditional cutting methods can’t handle. To program the advancements in tapers, corner passing and a plethora of cutting models, some waterjet builders have moved to more integrated controllers. Read the full article in October's issue of Cutting Tool Engineering

  12. Machine Tool Indonesia

    Machine Tool Indonesia 2019 is a highly focused machine tool, metalworking and allied industries exhibition with 30 years of success. The event provides the perfect opportunity to meet face to face with potential clients who are actively looking for suppliers.  Come by booth B 452 and see a MAXIEM 1515 in action.

  13. Spend Less on Garnet with OMAX

    As discussed on this website and in numerous trade magazines, OMAX abrasive waterjet systems can save you money on consumables (EnduroMAX 50 hp consumes as little as 1/3rd of the water used with an intensifier pump). But did you know that operating an OMAX abrasive waterjet system also allows you to cut using less garnet than competing brands?


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